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Why do bad first impressions stick more than the good ones? Imagine you walk into a shoe store for the first time.  You look around and see products on the floor and scattered across tables.  As you walk timidly through the store, you notice a pair of shoes that you absolutely love.  You search for your size in the pile of boxes, but unfortunately you can’t find what you are looking for. You leave feeling disappointed and like you’ve wasted your time.  Based on this experience, you would undoubtedly label this first impression as unpleasant and would most likely think twice before ever walking through those doors again.   

Now apply this to your business presence. Consider the first time when someone goes to your website.  If it looks outdated, is difficult to navigate, or it is confusing or unclear as to what products and services you offer,  what first impression do you think your potential clients will have? When it comes to quality website design, ensuring your users have a pleasant experience is part of the strategy for keeping them engaged long enough to buy your product or contact you for service. When users are frustrated or confused, they will typically abandon your site and go look for a competitor that is easier to work with.

“The global average rate of cart abandonment is 75.6%. Businesses need to invest more time to understand their average consumer, and new strategies should be implemented to provide better user experience.” – Truelist

At Ascenti, we help businesses reduce this risk of site abandonment by building or revising your website design structure so that it’s easy to understand and navigate. We help you showcase who you are and what you offer from the first page view, so that it’s never a question of what your company has to offer. We pride ourselves in making sure that your site speaks to your unique business offering(s), putting your best foot forward during that first, critical impression.

If you would like to know more about how Ascenti can help your business reach its ultimate potential, please contact us. We would love to chat!


MAY 20, 2020